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Colour Service


We recognize that creating, communicating, measuring and producing quality colour is a vital part of our innovative sewing solutions, our expertise in colour management and communication has enabled us to develop an integrated suite of colour solutions in the areas of digital application covering colour communication, visualization, sample preparation and bulk production colour control.



Color Accreditation Program (CAP)

Gunzetal is the first sewing thread company in the world to achieve “Color Accreditation Program” CAP Level 4, the most advance colour accreditation project available in textile & apparel industry.

CAP is supported by Natific, a Switzerland company who specializes in assessing level of colour and production management for the mills.


Gunzetal is able to self-approve labdips and no longer rely on labdip submission for orders of Under Armour, Kohl’s, Target, Land’s End and Gymboree, resulting in shorter production lead time.