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Gunzetal Group is a leading worldwide supplier of high quality thread products to the apparel and non-apparel industry. The company has long been recognized as an innovative leader in the thread industry, with continuous advancement in customer service, competitive pricing, product quality, technical support, and research & development.


We are committed to providing excellent service and top quality products to our customers. Our yarn capacity is more than 6,000 tons per annum, and 4,000 tons for sewing thread. We have more than 1500 employees.


We work closely together with our customers in a partner-like fashion, in order to surpass the demanding requirements of the present day market. Our success in execution has enabled us to be the preferred thread supplier for many well-known international brands and manufacturing vendors.

  • 2015

    > Guangzhou Gunzetal Ltd. started using Customer Relationship  Management (CRM) System

    > Guangzhou Gunzetal Ltd. received certificate of Color Accreditation Program

  • 2014

    > Guangzhou Gunzetal Ltd. received Work Safety Standardization certification

    > Top 10 Brands of Chinese Thread Ribbon and Lace Industry

  • 2013

    > Guangzhou Gunzetal Ltd. received Guangzhou Cleaner Production certification

  • 2008

    > Guangzhou Gunzetal Ltd. started using Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System

  • 2007

    > Shanghai Huachang Spinning Mill Co., Ltd. received Shanghai Foreign Investment Advanced Technology Enterprise

  • 2004

    > Gunzetal (Shanghai) Limited received certificate of enterprises with foreign investment products export

  • 2003

    > Guangzhou Gunzetal Ltd.received Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification

  • 2001

    > Gunzetal (Shanghai) Limited received Shanghai advanced enterprise with foreign investment

    > Gunzetal (Shanghai) Limited received Chinese optimization of enterprise with foreign investment

  • 2000

    > Gunzetal (Shanghai) Limited received SA8000:1998 social responsibility standard certification certification as the first one of textile accessories

  • 1999

    > Gunzetal (Shanghai) Limited the first time received Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification

  • 1998

    > Established Guangzhou Gunzetal Ltd.

    > Shanghai Huachang Spinning Mill Co., Ltd. received ISO9002:1995 quality system standard certification

    > Gunzetal (Shanghai) Limited received ISO9002:1995 quality system standard certification

  • 1993

    > Established Gunzetal (Shanghai) Limited

  • 1992

    > National foreign Investment Earning merited Enterprise

  • 1989

    > Established Shanghai Huachang Spinning Mill Co., Ltd. 

  • 1960

    > Established Gunzetal Limited in HongKong